Horror Artists You Should Probably Check Out

Zdzisław Beksiński

Zdzisław Beksiński was a Polish artist best known for his surreal, dystopian landscapes and twisted human figures. He was also a photographer and sculptor. He didn’t name his paintings, so you have to come to your own conclusions about what’s going on in them. He met a fairly horrific end also, reportedly being stabbed to death by an acquaintance in 2005.

Stephen Gammell

Stephen Gammell is a children’s book illustrator best known for the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series in collaboration with Alvin Schwartz, who collected the stories from folklore. Gammell has a very unique and striking style, and many adults have fond memories of reading these books as children. Thanks to his creepy style, they can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Even if you’re an adult without children, I still think you should check out the Scary Stories series. However, make sure you get the versions with Gammell’s illustrations, since there were rereleases with art by another illustrator. No offense to that illustrator, but removing these illustrations is one of the worst book-related decisions anyone has made in recent memory. They were later rereleased with the original illustrations intact.

Aron Alfrey

Aron Alfrey is an artist that makes horrific and monstrous drawings and has stated that he is influenced by Stephen Gammell. His art has appeared in books and galleries.

Joel-Peter Witkin

Joel-Peter Witkin is an American photographer, but his photos are quite out of the ordinary. In addition to intersex people and people with deformities, he has often included actual dead bodies in his works. Sometimes, these are dismembered. Some of them superfically resemble classical or religious paintings, but with quite different subject matter. He has also done some portrait photography, and most of his work is in black and white. His work has been used by a lot of bands and musicians, such as on the cover of Pungent Stench’s Been Caught Buttering album. If you are familiar with the Nine Inch Nails video for “Closer,” you will immediately recognize how much of an influence Witkin was on nearly every scene of the video. You can find some collections of his photos on Amazon or Ebay.


Menton J. Matthews III, also known as Menton3, is an artist who uses a lot of symbols in his work and is interested in images and their relation to the subconscious. He has worked on comics, including some for the Silent Hill Past Life series, and as well as his own book called Ars Memoria. He is also a musician and has released music under the name Saltillo.
Check out his webstore at menton3.bigcartel.com/ and his website.

If you like what you see on his website, I highly recommend Ars Memoria, which can be purchased from his website.