People are still finding new content in Silent Hill (PS1) [Game News]

Last week, a user named roocker666 posted on my Silent Hill forum,, to say he’d found previously-unknown, unused content in the first Silent Hill game using a SH-hacking tool. Kotaku even posted about it. Not only is this interesting news for fans of the series, because it allows us to see what might have been with the monsters, but I think it’s fantastic that fans are still interested in finding new things and still paying attention to this game 18 years after its release.

The filenames are FRG, MKY, OST, SNK, EL, and BTFL (probably indicating a frog, ostrich, monkey, snake, a sort of manta ray, and a butterfly). I can recall seeing the “BTFY.TIM” texture in the game files, but I always figured it had to do with the moth both, rather than a distinct enemy.

The frog creature seems to be one of the only ones with animations attached, though these are glitchy and unfinished, since they were never used in the final game. While there are several animal-type enemies in the game, these unused monsters seem to show a lot more focus on these types of creatures. It’s interesting to see the manta-ray creature, and I wonder if these could indicate a possible greater focus on some of the areas where water was present. Roocker666 apparently just found a way to reinsert the unused enemies back into the game and chose to use the Alternate Midwich hallways; this does not indicate that the monsters would have been found in that location.

In any case, I think it’s great that people still care enough about this game to be looking closely at the files like this, and it allows us the chance to speculate on what these creatures may have been like if they had been included in the final release.