Resident Evil 4, Why It Is Important To Me [Article]

Resident Evil 4 is considered by most to be one of the best, if not best games in the series, which combined horror and action with a fair balance, unlike some of the later games, and had amazing graphics for its time, coming out in 2005. The game builds a certain tension in the player, and as said on the case, has fast-paced, edge of your seat action.


Originally released on the GameCube, one of the first M-Rated games on the system, it changed survival horror all-together, it even had great voice acting (as if the originals had any at all) mixed with corny one-liners: it was revolutionary back in 2005.




The plot of the game is very simple. After the events of RE2, Leon was admired for his skills and took the position of protecting the United State’s President’s family. Well, the president’s daughter had disappeared in Europe and Leon is sent out to find her, bringing him to a small village where he is armed only with a handgun and his wits. Leon soon discovers that the villagers are hostile and they in fact have the president’s daughter held captive. Leon makes his way deeper into the town and is surrounded by crazed villagers and to top it off, one of them is a chainsaw wielding maniac!


After the events in the village, Leon continues to a farm and abandoned housing where he meets Luis Sera, a man with a strange sense of humor, and a dirty mind. Luis informs Leon that they have Ashley, the President’s daughter, held at a nearby church, but they run into the “Big Cheese” of the village and their conversation is cut short. Luis is an important character to the plot, but you will find out later. After you wake up, you meet easily one of the most iconic characters in the series, The Merchant: a man that offers Leon weapons, for a price, and even features an upgrade system for weapons, something that was new to the Resident Evil universe. Leon learns that he is infected with a parasite called “Las Plagas” and that their cult is “Los Illuminados”, a doomsday cult that has plans of terrorism. Leon meets the leader of the cult, Osmund Saddler, who states he wants to bargain with the United States for a large sum of money to help keep Los Illuminados up and running. Leon escapes with Ashley, where a new feature of a companion is added. They make their way to a castle, and are separated once again, but are reunited with due time. By the end of the game, enemies are smarter, faster, and more deadly, replacing a simple chainsaw with a gatling gun brute. I won’t give any more away about the plot, but it just gets better and better.


Resident Evil 4 has many elements that make it a great game, with its graphics, plot, character development, music, and the absence of fixed camera angles, it even has additional content upon completion of the main story.

I acquired the game when it came out for PS2 and I spent a whole summer unlocking every special weapon, including completing the dreaded mercenaries feature with 5 stars for unlocking the Handcannon. The game has replay-ability, a feature that made it worth making additional playthroughs, and it has been re-released several times with even better graphics. I strongly recommend playing it if you love survival horror done right. It is an important game not only to me, but to the very concept of the genre as well

Resident Evil 4 also has music that i believe to be the best in the series, many of the tracks were very powerful at the time. Tracks worth acknowledgement:


A simple track really, peaceful yet  filled with gloom. It usually plays before major enemies or bosses in the game, most likely in an area with the Merchant. The track has always been one of my favorite in the game, and the series.


Regenerator Theme

The terrifying Regenerators in the game still haunt me to this day, whenever I hear heavy breathing I am quickly greeted with a sense of deep fear. It isn’t enough that these bad boys can regenerate limbs, but the also are hard to defeat until you acquire a certain item, and the health pool alone is huge.

Save Theme

All Resident Evil games have great save themes, but RE4 at it’s time brought me so much comfort with this track, even though it is just a constant loop.

Salazar’s Theme

A terrifying track for a terrifying enemy. Salazar may look like a child, but he is actually a lot older than we think at first, and he even goes transformation to stop Leon.

Saddler’s Theme

Saddler is a powerful man consumed by greed. He uses Las Plagas to do his own bidding, and has no reason to not disrupt balance in the world. It only makes sense that a final boss would have such powerful music.