Silent Hill Requiem, An Interview With The Creator [Interview]

Silent Hill Requiem, a fan film that’s been in development for several years, an interesting topic because we as fans have gotten very little in means of content since Silent Hill Book of Memories in 2012, and the lackluster film Silent Hill Revelation. Fans have been trying to make their own content, ranging from music, stories, and even short films, but what Requiem does differently is that it has an intensive plot that follows lore of the series, devoted staff, and is even feature length! Creator, actor, and developer Gareth Morgan has a true passion for the games, and I was lucky enough to ask him some questions about his project, a project I look forward to seeing, something we fans truly need, mainly because their is very little hope left by fans for the series.

Silent Hill is very important to me, and its fans alike, but Morgan went the extra mile with his project, and I am proud to be able to enlighten anyone who reads this with his passion. Below are a few questions I asked him, and his answers to follow.

1 How old were you when you got into Silent Hill?

You should never ask a lady her age! đŸ˜‰ But be safe assured I was gaming when the demo of Silent Hill appeared on the front cover of Official UK PlayStation Magazine

2 What is your favorite Silent Hill game in the series?

My favorite game is Silent Hill 2, but not exactly why you think. Although the story to SH2 is amazing, what grabs me about SH2 is that Silent Hill itself is the antagonist, not the cult, not an individual, but the very consciousness of the town.

3 How do you feel about the Silent Hill movies?

First one started strong, but I felt that it soon lost it’s way. I appreciated it being female centric but it should have stuck to the original cannon of Harry seeking out his daughter. The second film, well, it would make a great music video.

4 Besides 2 and 3, what other games influenced Requiem?

SH1 and 4, In all seriousness, there are many nods and references to other survival horror games throughout SHRequiem, including Fatal Frame, DreadOut, Clock Tower, P.T. and Resident Evil

5 What gave you the idea to create this fan film?

I had wanted to make a story in the Silent Hill Universe ever since playing SH2, but it wasn’t until playing through the subway train section of SH3 that the idea really took hold. Over the years I have added and changed elements to my story but it wasn’t until I felt confident in film making that I decided to move forward into creating a 2 minute short film version. At the time I figured that would be all I could ever make, as I had no budget, just a camera, a space for a green screen studio and an actress who wanted to help. The short focused on Heather as she wakes up on a subway train with no idea how she got there. She is soon attacked by monsters and has a run in with James. Once I had finished filming I took a single still, developed the art style and posted it to the Facebook group Silent Hill Heaven (I had joined the group to get insight into what made Silent Hill so atmospheric from other people for another project of mine ‘EPiSODE’) Within a few hours that still had gone viral and I was inundated with comments, questions and requests. I soon developed a relationship with the admins of the biggest Silent Hill fan pages on Facebook who suggested to me that rather than leave the project as a short film I should attempt a crowd funder to raise a budget and turn it into the feature film it was always meant to be. Well suffice to say that’s what I did.


6 What can we expect from Requiem?

A Survival Horror film that follows the established cannon and aesthetic of Silent Hill to the best of my abilities.

7 Did you do any research into the games lore to design the film?

Of course, how could I make a film about Silent Hill without doing that? I did as much research into Silent Hill as anyone can. I own all the games (including the hard to reach ones) I know some of the

best people in the Silent Hill Community that have guided my approach in character development and narrative. Basically, short of actually talking to Team Silent, I have done all I can.

8 Any follow up films?

I have plans for a sequel project called Silent Hill Lazarus. This project, which will be a web series rather than another full length film, is set 16 years after Requiem and follows Jessica, a British Psychology student, who has been brought to Silent Hill under false pretenses and soon discovers she is connected to the town. So with the help of Cheryl, James, Henry and a host of returning and new characters, Jessica will have to learn to survive the Otherworld if she wants to get out of Silent Hill alive. There will be a crowd funder for this project upon the release of SHRequiem.

9 Do you hope to reach a large audience with your film?

As with any fan film/indie project it will reach as far as it can. I have no marketing budget so will have to rely on word of mouth and the help of social media to get news of the film out there.


10 Have you used any music from independent artists?

All of the music in the film has been donated to me from musicians within the Silent Hill Community and beyond. It’s some amazing stuff! An OST will be available once the film is completed.

If you have any further interest for the film, go to Zenithfilms Facebook, or to the Zenithfilms website