12 Most Powerful Songs In Silent Hill [Article]

Silent Hill is not only known for it’s intense, emotional, and graphic stories, but also for it’s amazing music. The games started in 1999 and have since become famous world-wide for their unique approach at true horror. This list will narrow down the most powerful songs, and what makes them so emotionally intertwined with the character


12 Silent Hill – Silent Hill Downpour

Serving as the main theme in trailers, and in the credits, Silent Hill by Jonathan Davis of the band Korn is a very powerful track in the series, for it not only is liked by fans of the game, but also of Jonathan himself. Downpour is the last major installment in the series.

11 Love Psalm – Silent Hill Book of Memories

Silent Hill Book of Memories may not be considered horror as it is more so a multiplayer dungeon crawler, but it was definitely enjoyable and had decent music, but the gem of the game has to be Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn’s adaption of Love Psalm from SH2. The song does justice to the original and adds a unique lyric set to it, I personally love this song.

10 Dance With Night Wind – Silent Hill 3

Easily my favorite track in the game for its depressing eeriness, Dance With Night Wind is one of the sole reasons for me liking the game. It comes at a very depressing point in the game, and that alone makes it powerful!

9 Alex Theme – Silent Hill Homecoming

“Alex Theme” is literally  the theme for Alex Shepherd, and plays after the hospital sequence in Silent Hill Homecoming. What makes this song powerful is the fact it literally describes Alex’s life in a nutshell, the lyrics even talk about how he feels insignificant to his father Adam Shepherd, so he pursues enlistment in the army, you’ve got your orders soldier!

8 O.R.T. – Silent Hill Origins

Yet another song by Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn, and one of my favorites from my favorite game. O.R.T. or Illusion In Me is a track that plays at the beginning of Silent Hill Origins. The song has a very deep meaning and basically explains the pain felt by our protagonist Travis Grady.

7 Intro Perp Walk – Silent Hill Downpour

Downpour, though disliked by some, is easily one of the best games in the series, we have a prisoner, Murphy Pendleton, who has many forgotten secrets that we learn about has the game progresses, perhaps they were repressed memories due to stress caused by the subject, but nonetheless Murphy is different than most characters we play as in games. The track plays after the tutorial stage, Murphy is changing prisons, and the track plays as he is being escorted through Ryall State.

6 End Of Small Sanctuary – Silent Hill 3

SH3 is often considered to not only be on par with Silent Hill 2, but some even praise it as the best game in the series, I myself do not entirely enjoy it as much as others, but I must admit I believe it to be an extraordinary game, not only as a horror title, but as a game in general. The track plays while you are at the mall and Detective Douglas Cartland appears, and says he has been looking for you. The track is interesting because at this point in the game, it’s just another ordinary day for our protagonist Heather Mason.

5 Not Tomorrow 4 – Silent Hill Origins


SH Origins is my favorite in the series, and this track shows up both at the beginning, and near the end of the game, at first saving Alessa, and heading into the final boss fight, one may even say you are helping her at both points.

4 Wounded Warsong – Silent Hill 4

SH4: The Room was an odd title in the series as it took place in Silent Hill but only through nightmares created by the thoughts in Walter Sullivan’s mind. Wounded Warsong plays later in the game after Henry has gained more knowledge of “what the hell is going on here” Just the name alone speaks words, as it is truly a warsong.

3 Promise (Reprise) – Silent Hill 2

SH2 mainly dealt with depression and other mental disorders, this track is used a lot in the films, but made its first debut in SH2, playing when we meet Angela for the second time. She is vulnerable, suicidal, and this song in my opinion is keeping a “Promise” with Angela to not kill herself. Examining the knife she leaves to you can even change the outcome of the game. All cases and points, suicide is one of the most terrible ways one can die, because it not only kills them, but also loved ones in the process.

2 Silent Hill – Silent Hill

The song that started it all, and expanding itself to other games, and even the movies, Silent Hill was a changing point in survival horror, featuring complex characters, and unsettling scenarios and ambiance, but what this song does different than other games themes, is anyone can hear it and instantly fall in love with the games or movies, for this reason, The theme of the series is my our number 2 spot!

1 Betrayal – Silent Hill 2

SH2’s soundtrack has many gems, but in my opinion, betrayal, the track that plays during the final encounter with not one, but two Pyramid Heads is the all time most powerful track in the series. James is coming to understand what he did was horrendous, no matter why he did it, and the Red Pyramids serve as his exploiters of judgement day. The track hits you as you try your best not only to battle them, but yourself as well.