Silent Hill Hidden and Unfinished Areas [Article]

Silent Hill 2 Church of Rebirth

Accessible only by using cam hacking programs,  Silent Hill 2’s Church of Rebirth was a hidden area that was ultimately scrapped later on in development. The Church of Rebirth can briefly be seen at the end of the “Rebirth” ending, only achievable on subsequent playthroughs. The church is modeled after the San Pedro Church in Ávila, Spain, and is said to be a place where some of the most divine rituals in Silent Hill take place. The church itself was scrapped and never given a 3D rendering, so we can only imagine what it would be like in game, and also why they suddenly abandoned the idea.

Silent Hill Homecoming Lighthouse Room

Little is known about this room, perhaps it is simply a testing area. The area is only accessible from a glitch while in the Overlook Penitentiary before the Asphyxia boss fight.

Silent Hill 3 Fukuro Lady Room

Like most of the areas in the games, the Fukuro Room can only be entered through cam hacks, but it strangely features a finished product, complete with strange paintings, and the center focus of the Fukuro Lady herself. Fukuro Lady appears several times throughout the game, in strange positions much like Valtiel, but she is more mysterious. In the special video adaptation accompanied in the Silent Hill Experience, Fukuro Lady appears alongside Pyramid Head, both of them representing deranged sexual desire and lustful thinking.

Silent Hill Downpour Monocle Man Arena

Scrapped either for popularity reasons, or for the fact Downpour was rushed and remains partly unfinished, Monocle Man was a boss, and is a character in we meet near the beginning of the game. His code is available, and his character sprite itself is complete, but he was removed from game, only to make a slight appearance on the railcar ride. His boss battle can be seen in the Canadian version of the official trailer.

Silent Hill Downpour Under Silent Hill

With glitches, it is possible to actually get underneath the map of the town via the lake. if one does this, they will become stuck in a non-textured area under pearl creek. Oddly enough, there is a gate that appears near the end, but trying to open it crashes the game, so maybe like the Lighthouse Room, it was strictly built for testing. The area can also get you to the lower section of the docks, ultimately sending the player back to Devil’s Pit after the railcar ride.