A lot of HORROR flicks are maligned with critics! [Article]


Yee-haw! Whenever we hear the word “horror”, it gives us a sense of challenge. And for us legit horror fans, horror flicks are always a great aphrodisiac and man, it gives us an amazing catharsis and gets our hormones high.  BUT…let’s be honest: unfortunately, in today’s era, LOTS of horror flicks are maligned with critics. They don’t get the spotlight they deserve and they eventually go down in the same worthless pile of vermin. Many films, too, have no recognition at award ceremonies such as the Oscars, completely overlooked or changed to other genres.
Well, for us hardcore fans, it’s completely unacceptable (AND NO, WE DON’T RIOT!! We just go crazy). Let’s start with the initials: I remember sitting on my couch and watching the “Green Inferno” and it was just last year. This is yet another great horror flick based on “Cannibalism” (name’s ‘The Green Inferno’); call it whatever you like (sick, disgusting or even terrible), but the truth is that this one is better than typical poorly made flicks (which are based merely on jumpscares). I kind of enjoyed it as I’ve had enough of lame jumpscares (the less of those is scarier). I am disappointed that a lot of people claim that there isn’t much gore in the horror flicks nowadays and yet they assume that movies like these are terrible.

Another great example is “It follows”, a phenomenally unique horror flick sprinkled with elements of “originality”, “tension” and well…MINOR jumpscares. It is reminiscent of good ole classics. When I read what the critics had to say on it, I was infuriated (I am one god damn HARDCORE MUTHAF****N HORROR FAN!).


Other underrated horror films, too, that didn’t quite get the attention that they deserved are:

  • Southbound
  • The exists
  • Vile
  • The Shrine
  • Splinter
  • The book of Shadows (yep the 2nd blair witch)
    And a lot more of course.


It’s sad that some of the horror fans demand “originality” in horror movies, but when they get it, they act like it is not smack dab what they actually asked for! Well, the victim here is clearly the “horror” genre when these scoundrels just keep damaging the horror genre. The genre has been alive for years and will be for years to come!

*Laughs like Chucky*