Deadly Premonitions: The Board Game [News]

A board game has been announced – directly funded via crowdsourcing at the popular KickStarter here – based on the cult classic ‘Deadly Premonitions’ – famous as derivative from David Lynch’s series ‘Twin Peaks’ – to allow fans to revisit an idiosyncratic town comprised of unusual characters. The core mechanics will revolve around the murder mystery in Deadly Premonitions and investigate accordingly: collecting evidence, narrowing suspects and incriminating the believed perpetrator. There will be two versions available – standard and special – in addition to a digital copy of Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (Steam) which I recommend anyone to at least try.


Fervent fans – natural with a fascinating, individualistic title as Deadly Premonitions – have already exceeded the investment milestone of $50,000 and are close to $100,000. Forecasts are looking optimistic that it’ll be a sensation as the adaptation of Evil Dead 2 into a board game.