White Day: A Labyrinth – West Localization and Remake [News]

A cult classic from South Korea in 2001 – White Day: A Labyrinth – is finally being localized in the West as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4 by Roi Games, slated for release in August, as a fantastic opportunity for people to revisit a relatively unknown Asian horror experience. They are promising it to be a remake with improvements to the storyline and mechanics – all optimized specifically for the Playstation 4 – with a dynamic difficulty along with multiple endings for a diverse playthrough each time. A basic summary of the plot is a young man’s journey into a school at nighttime to deliver candy for the equivalent of Valentine’s Day in Korea and all becomes increasingly insane from there: apathetic schoolgirls who are uncomfortable oblivious or tolerant to the chaos, a disorderly school custodian who’s clearly crazed and otherworldly whispers in the hallways which slowly transform the school into a supernatural nightmare.


Their official site is active – listing planned features to a synopsis – and an announcement trailer is available below: