The Top 6 Scariest Resident Evil Monsters [Article]

Through the years, Resident Evil (or “Biohazard” in Japan) has conjured enough screams to rival the decibels of a plane during take off. It doesn’t come easy, though, and to craft those kinds of scares it requires a lot of thought. What is scary? What can we do to make players jump and yell out in fear? Sometimes the answer is as simple as taking something familiar and making it darker and twisted. Sometimes, it means taking off the kiddie gloves and delving into nightmares. Any installment of the popular horror game Resident Evil is sure to at least have one enemy that will make you hesitate to turn the lights off in your home. After conducting an open poll on a The Yurei’s Facebook Group for Resident Evil, these are the top ranking contenders of 20 chosen monsters and mutants.

#6: The Licker

Poll Votes: 2

The Licker, at least written out on paper, sounds like a silly idea. “Yeah, he climbs walls and slaps you with a long tongue.” But, your first encounter with this mutated zombie (Resident Evil 2, 1998) is anything but. Depending on which side of the Raccoon Police Department you choose to explore, this wall-scaling nightmare could have given you plenty of problems from the get go. Its tongue is actually powerful enough to stab through someone’s shoulder and a hard whip at the right angle can instantly decapitate you. The Licker’s biggest flaw as a zombie-mutant is evident from the moment you meet him, however: the entire brain is exposed. One well placed shot and this sticky bastard is done for. Of course, It is never that easy. The Licker has the ability to pounce like a frog from hell and can use its talons to stick to walls. A well balanced ranged fighter and an even deadlier close quarters enemy, The Licker also gets an upgraded form in the later half of the game, providing more bone structures for blocking bullets, even longer, sharper claws and a darker color palette to mark its hierarchy in the mutant kingdom.

#5: Neptune

Poll Votes: 3

“Y’know the thing about a shark, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’… until he bites ya.” – Captain Quint. (Jaws, 1975)

Oh boy. Sharks. My Favorite. Let me make something clear here now, if I had not conducted a poll on this article, this sucker would be #1. Sharks are the one thing that truly terrify me and Neptune is as big as they come. While the battle against this horrifying creature is more of a puzzle involving a water drainage unit and a dodging gauntlet requiring quick handling of your character, that doesn’t make him any less deadly. Neptune is first encountered in an underground Laboratory in the Spencer Mansion (Resident Evil, REmake, 1996, 2002) and it immediately introduces how deadly it is by disposing of one of your S.T.A.R.S comrades in the blink of an eye. Its existence is a testament that nothing would be safe from the hideous Umbrella Corporation and their experiments. Flanked by a few smaller copies, if you somehow ended up getting cornered, it’s game over once the big daddy rears his head.

#4: Lisa Trevor

Poll Votes: 4

What happens when you take a young child, a tragic backstory and a few months of experiments involving a series of twisted viruses? Lisa Trevor. As a walking cocktail of different horrible experiments, Lisa became immortal but consequently lost her sanity completely. On the day she and her mother Jessica decided to escape Umbrella’s grasp, Umbrella executed her mother after showing no results from the virus. In an attempt to pacify Lisa, Umbrella sent in handlers disguised as her mother. One by one, they all had their faces ripped off and crafted into a mask that Lisa wore constantly until she found her lost mother so that she could, “Give her back her face.” Umbrella realized that Lisa was just too deadly for further experimentation and decided to dispose of her. However, countless rounds of ammunition, and even an anti-tank missile later, Umbrella finally registered her vital signs as deceased, dumping her body in an undisclosed location. Like the mutated trooper she is, she came back and began haunting the underground catacombs where Umbrella dumped their bodies, making her home underneath in a cabin on the grounds of the Spencer Estate. Dumping your firepower into her is useless in a fight, but you can finally take her down if you manage to solve the puzzle of the Trevor Family Crypt you fight her in. However, is she really dead?

#3: Regenerador

Poll Votes: 9

I’m apologising in advance to people with respiratory issues, but sometimes the sound of breathing can just be downright creepy. Especially the labored, manic wheezing of the Regenerador (Resident Evil 4, 2005). To make matters even worse, this jumped up S.O.B has its own musical cue, which instills panic into even the most hardened Resident Evil player. First encountered in an autopsy room where the Los Illuminados cult experimented with the Plagas, The Regenerador is an ammo conservationist’s nightmare. Its called the Regenerador for a reason and it can recover from the worst you can throw at it, regrowing destroyed limbs and even its own head in a matter of seconds. Taking out its legs makes it an even more terrifying enemy as it can unexpectedly pounce onto you from the floor and bite away a huge portion of your health. Don’t fear, though, because unlike the last entry on our list, this sucker has a major weakness. Parasites are scattered around its body, invisible to the naked eye, and upon finding a thermal scope for your sniper rifle, it lights the parasites up like christmas tree bulbs. Once you manage to pick them off its body, it displays the one of the goriest monster deaths in Resident Evil by literally exploding, coating the room in blood and pus. Just because they have a weakness does not mean they need to be taken lightly, however, because later on they mutate into deadlier specimens called ‘Iron Maidens’. If you are wondering why they are called that, then you are right to assume it involves spikes. With a close quarters grapple that is already deadly enough, the Iron Maiden can spear Leon like a nightmare porcupine and drop you to the very last centimeter of your health bar or kill you entirely.

#2: Crimson Heads

Poll Votes: 10

We thought zombies were bad and the end. These guys take the cake. First encountered in the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil (2002), the Crimson Head is sure to put you in your place after a bit of cocky zombie killing, followed with some bragging. What was once a regular zombie becomes even more hazardous if you cannot pull off a perfect headshot or burn the zombie’s body using an Oil Canteen and a Lighter. Lightning fast and equipped with deadly throat slashing claws, the Crimson Head is essentially a prototype to The Licker, with the mutation depending on the strain of virus a zombie is infected with. To put it into simple terms, killing a zombie, or letting it starve, makes the virus inside dormant and in its dormant stage, the virus mutates again to ensure survival. This process was given the name ‘V-ACT’, which I’m assuming stands for ‘Virus-Activation’. The V-ACT process was used in creating Lickers, but that’s a different story for a different time. These jerks lay on the ground pretending to be the zombies you had thought you killed, only to rise again and start sprinting (yes, SPRINTING) at you. If they get you in a corner, you can kiss your flawless skin goodbye thanks to razor sharp claws that they developed during nap time. The classic zombie disposal weapon, known as a Shotgun, is your best bet against these undead marathon runners, but you might want to save that ammo for later on.

#1: Nemesis, A.K.A “The Pursuer”

Poll Votes: 24

“Oh sweet JESUS LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS THING. IT HAS A ROCKET LAUNCHER? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” These are the words I am positive countless other Resident Evil players have shouted at their TVs during their playthrough of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) once they ran into this hulking beast. It is the single-handed most determined monster in Resident Evil, thanks to a pairing of parasite and computer technology, which makes it a merciless killing machine at Umbrella’s disposal. It will carry out its programming, no matter what, and will haunt you during your entire playthrough of the game. Poor Jill can’t get a break from this thing because all it took to get put on the Nemesis Hit-List was just being a S.T.A.R.S member and discovering Umbrella’s horrible secrets after surviving The Mansion Incident. This ungodly beast serves as the main boss for most of your encounters. You are given multiple branching paths in order to deal with it, however, and sometimes you don’t have to fight it if you pick the right one, but you are never sure which option that is. Nemesis can regenerate himself but if he takes too much damage, he can mutate uncontrollably in an attempt to just keep going and going. By the time the player makes it to the finale of the game, Nemesis is a deadly mass of flesh, tentacles, and bone. Its death is the most absolutely satisfying, though, after hours of relentless pursuit. Nemesis earns the top spot of number 1 monster after a long and painful nightmare through Raccoon City.
So there you have it, people: numbers don’t lie and despite quite a few people adding gag entries, like boulders and the recent changes to the series, Nemesis takes the Gold Medal home. I’m pretty sure if his directive was to win the medal and he lost, he would destroy whoever did win the medal and take it for himself anyway, but that’s beside the point.