Rings (2017) [Review]

Cliched crap!



Believe me, I am a biggie fan of Horror Genre.  I remember watching “The Rings” back in the mid 2000s and boy to my astonishment, the film was an effing “Gem”. The original “Rings” series was a great contribution to the genre itself. However, the reboot failed to walk down the same path its predecessors did. It was a lethargic attempt and it was short on scares.


It’s so ironic that the movie itself claims to be “scary”, but had to atone that irony in the form of “critics”. Twelve years in the making, ladies and gentlemen, and there you have it: a DISGRACE to the original films.

The opening scene was patently absurd. The mystery part, however, elevated the story a bit, but then again, the cheap jumpscares ruined it. The rest of the film looked like a hilarious parody of “The Ring”.  The casting was fine. The writing was appalling. Nevertheless, this film does explore the origins of “Samara”, so I gotta admire this one particular element. But again, it failed to live up to its name.

As a conclusion, I would NOT recommend this to anyone who is looking for a horror movie that will make them “sh*t their  pants”. However, if you are a die-hard fan of the legend itself as well as the original films, then perhaps do give it a shot and see how it turns out?

There you have it, lads. My TWO CENTS on the film.