Code Vein Gameplay Trailer [News]

Yesterday on May the 2nd, the gameplay trailer for Code Vein was released. Developed by the GOD EATER team, Bandai Namco revealing actual footage that has similarities in looks to Soulsborne games as well as God Eater. Bandai Namco’s Yuusuke Tomizawa explained, “We took quite some time until we arrived at this [kind of] picture-making. It’s neither anime-style nor realistic.” Given the marketing pushing connections to From Software’s title, the style choice has some speculating just how much it has to do with it and if a selling tactic.

Either way, the trailer did feature intimidating and towering bosses with indeed simplified gameplay as compared to God Eater games. There also seems to be some form of finishing technique through a cinematic, harkening to memory visceral attacks from Bloodborne. What this new Action RPG promises consisting of blood a plenty and deadly foes has to offer still is afar off with only 35% completed, but we can be certain BandaiNamco will keep it on the radar.