Resident Evil: My Intro to Survival Horror [Article]

Like most gamers in my generation or any generation really, I began gaming at a young age. I was playing Pokemon Stadium 2, a favorite of mine, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and all sorts of games in the like. When my dad acquired a copy of Resident Evil Director’s Cut, I was too terrified to even watch and he began moaning like a zombie to scare me. Nowadays, I play the old games and laugh at the corny jokes, awful voice acting, and blocky textures. Before, I would begin playing Resident Evil on my own at the age of 8: trying my best not to get scared, walking through the doors of the mansion for my first journey into “The World of Survival Horror”.

In the beginning, the live action cutscenes¬†were honestly just as terrible as the in-game scenes, but they held a certain amount of sincerity to the game. I continued down the hallway after the dining room and saw my first zombie. I wasn’t scared at all, I had my knife in hand and I was determined to kill it, but when it grabbed me and started munching on my neck, blood going everywhere, I turned off my PS1 right away. A few days passed and I started again, but this time with Jill, mainly because she had a gun from the beginning, but also because I love Barry Burton like he was my own father and his cheesy jokes are still appreciated by fans to this day. I¬†took down the zombie, collecting the 2 clips you can find. Thes, however, disappear if you do not finish him off. More confident, I continued my journey into “The World of Survival Horror”.

After returning to the main hall to look for Wesker, I went towards the blue doors on the right side of the stairs, bringing me to a hallway and BAM: a dog jumps through the window, glass shattering on the floor and my heart pounding from fear while the intense music begins to play. I ran for the door at the other side.

After several hours of trying to find where to go next – keep in mind that Youtube wasn’t a thing back then – I finally figured out how to obtain the star crest; at this point, I had around 16 hours of pacing around the mansion and viewing all of the paintings in every area – a nice artistic touch, in my opinion – after collecting all the crests. Finally, I made my way into the guardhouse.

The guardhouse was always my favorite area in the game, mainly for the music, the chemical room puzzle and Plant 42. After exploring and solving everything in the guardhouse, I ventured once again into the mansion, unlocking the rest of its secrets and dealing with my most feared new enemies, the hunters. Now, I will be honest, the dogs made me jump, but the hunters were fast and nearly gave me a heart attack. Their faces, the noises they made and even the way they moved. For an old game, it was a masterpiece for its time.

By the end of the game, I was able to collect all of the disks and achieve the good ending. I felt accomplished. I really enjoyed the game, it was my first real playthrough of an M rated game, and led me into the direction of survival horror. After a few years passed by, I had collected Resident Evil 2 and 3 as well as a Gameshark disk for PS1, making the game a hell of a lot easier.

In a nutshell, I highly enjoyed this as my first M rated experience and for helping me get into the world of survival horror. Though the game hasn’t aged all that well, I highly recommend it for fans of the series as it is where it all started and it leaves a sort of impression on you as it is a classic.