AGONY [News]

Hell is never where you want to end up in any shape or form, and that is exactly where you begin your arduous and tormented journey in Agony. As a condemned tortured soul, you are trying to find your way out of where you life’s sins undoubtedly confined you to. The only way through this, however, is a maze filled with the damned, demons and whatever else awaits for the ultimate goal; meeting the Red Goddess to learn a way of escape.

This is MadMind Studio first gaming endeavor, and under publisher Playway S.A., looks like the biggest release for horror slated 2nd quarter of this year, but with things so close, no solid date has been given.

The visuals are stunning for such a dismal and nightmarish setting. Every corner is saturated with the dark and bloody labyrinth, steeped in shadow, flame and amalgamation-shaped constructs. There is nothing relieving about your situation; in fact, the trailers make it quite obvious how dismal and hopeless it all will be. If the twisted souls do not do you in, insanity just might.

Your best weapon is possessing the feeble souls and lesser demons about you. Transfer yourself into them and take control, evading and uncovering new ways to progress through the game.

This survival horror dirge through hell will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, opening a door for this thing of terrible beauty on major platforms to terrify the gaming community.