Six Most Terrifying Creatures In Silent Hill [Article]

6 – The Twin Victims

A truly disturbing creature, The Twin Victims are literally twins that were victims of a horribly heinous crime, and they are shown strewn together within one body as a nightmare. The creature first appears at the water prison level in Silent Hill 4, appearing as a sudden surprise whilst murmuring “Receiver” until closer as some foreboding words, and is the only victim that doesn’t appear as a ghost – it is a real monster. Aside from the haunting words, this monster is eerily silent, unnerving as such. Silent Hill 4 has some truly terrifying scenery, but this abomination lands number six on our list.

5 – Two Back

A representation of a distorted sexual mind, these creatures appear in the motel in Silent Hill Origins with disturbing vocals resembling the distorted sounds of a pig, becoming fiercer as approached. It offers the most claustrophobic encounters whilst lumbering around as a towering figure who’s creepily hunched, contorting his full profile. Silent Hill Origins, or Silent Hill Zero, is easily my favorite in the series, the music is amazing, the story is decent, and the creatures are strange, but the two back is easily the most demented creature in the game. It appears as two humans attached together, it is a powerful enemy, and it makes horrible squealing noises. The two back lands number 5 on our list.

4 – Closer

The first monster you meet in Silent Hill 3, remarkably huge compared to the average monster in the previous series as an immediate intimidation, and distorted with stumps on almost all extremities. In fact, Heather questions whether it is real due to the fact that it is so strange. The closer is a slow but powerful enemy, very easy to avoid, who’s volatile in movement, scary for his unpredictability.  However, if it corners you, you may be done for, especially in harder difficulties. Silent Hill 3 didn’t leave as big of an impression on me as the other games, but it rivals 2 in popularity and even I must admit it is very well done. The Closer lands number 4 on our list.

3 – Pendulum

My favorite enemy in Silent Hill 3, The Pendulum. This creature is fast and flies swiftly, unique as an ability, across rooms, pursuing Heather more than any other enemy, even following her up the stairs leading to the mountain coaster. The Pendulum has brutal blades to cut Heather and it has a keen sight to spot you from a distance. It may not be the fastest enemy, but it can be the most deadly and his piercing screetching is tense. The Pendulum lands number 3 on our list

2 – Pyramid Head

Easily the most notorious creature in the Silent Hill 2, as well as the series, Pyramid Head became a basis for many other monsters in Silent Hill such as the Bogeyman look alike from Homecoming, The Butcher from Origins and Boogeyman from Downpour. Pyramid Head look-alikes also appeared in the 2006 movie adaption of Silent Hill and its 2012 sequel Silent Hill Revelation. Pyramid Head makes his first appearance in the apartments of Silent Hill 2 as a seemingly inebriated monster, sloppy to mimic the careless, crazy nature of drunk people, and can be seen wielding a large knife – the most powerful weapon in the game which Pyramid Head struggles to carry – causing either death instantly or extreme damage. He is a monster, literally, and metaphorically – he’s not to be underestimated as deceived from his clumsy movement. He terrorizes both you and other monsters – completely ruthless indiscriminately to be most fearsome as iconically powerful. Pyramid Head is one of my favorite enemies in a game, and I strongly recommend playing through the game. He lands number 2 on our list.

1 – My Flying Lizard

The 2009 revisioning of Silent Hill, known as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, let us once again play as Harry Mason, but in a separate timeline as a stand-alone title. The game was more built for exploration rather than survival, but its music made it stand out. In my opinion, it had a great story, and the way it referenced literature, gave the original game justice: it was perfect. One reference, in particular, stood out: “My Flying Lizard”, a memento collected in the Toluca Mall is a nod to the terrifying movie Jurassic Park 2 and the incredibly frustrating Air Screamers in Silent Hill 1. It is easily one of the scariest monster, which is easily misunderstood as a mere item, in the series, truly reshaping the very definition of horror upon inspection. This prehistoric beast lands number 1 on our list as a dominant role in the franchise.