The Six Most Powerful Occult Artifacts In Silent Hill [Article]

Artifacts in Silent Hill (which has a long history of being viewed as a location of profound spiritual significance) are occult items, whether through a ritual or acting as a sigil, influencing the supernatural forces of the town, manipulating these to provide power: protection from and control of entities, or manifestations, relating to the Otherworld. The Order has long crafted these in reference to the supernatural hierarchy of Silent Hill and fanatically interfused themselves with the mysticism, representative of The Order being rooted in a spiritual connection to the supernatural paradigm that exists in Silent Hill.

6 – Sword of Obedience (Silent Hill 4)

A sword wielded to fully immobilize downed ghosts and keep them from getting back up, but only while it remains embedded in the spirit. The sword has a unique spell engraved on it that prevents spirits escaping from the embedded position. It is rare with only 5 known in existence. The sword is useful for problem-solving later in the game and can be used an indefinite amount of times as you please. It is essentially an enchanted sword as the only weapon to combat spiritual forces.

5 – Saint Medallion (Silent Hill 4)


A medallion created by The Order of Silent Hill, the front image depicts Saint Alessa and her child. The medallion weakens ghosts with slowing them, reducing their damage and lowering their strength for more damage. The medallion can also be used as an exorcising tool in Room 302. These medallions were handed to various members of The Order as a sign of devotion, but they only have a true purpose in Walter’s Nightmare: a protective amulet to shield from supernatural elements.

4 – Seal of Metatron (Silent Hill 3)


Known in Silent Hill as a symbol of The Order and although it has no true power demonstrated, it is thought to derive power from within its user as a sigil of the angelic entity ‘Metraton’. It is first featured in Silent Hill 1 as an obfuscated sign and made its true calling in Silent Hill 3 whereby the power is revealed as arbitrary. The seal can be seen near where the twin pyramid heads begin attacking at the end of Silent Hill 2, and since it is so faint, it is often overlooked by most. It is believed to be extremely powerful to serve as both protection from the supernatural and also dispelling it as with the purported use negating ‘God’s’ birth.

3 – Obsidian Goblet & White Chrism (Silent Hill 2)

A goblet crafted from obsidian, it is said to be an item most holy by The Order and is used in several divine rituals such as Rebirth. The goblet is required to achieve the Rebirth Ending in SH2, but also makes an appearance near the end of Silent Hill 4. In SH2, it can be found on a subsequent playthrough in the Historical Society Building.

Essential to the Obsidian Goblet for powerful rituals, the White Chism is a bottle containing a white oil perceived as holy to The Order and is most likely extracted from the White Claudia plant. The white oil of the White Chrism is used for various rituals and is placed inside the Obsidian Goblet to do so. It can be found in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments and is required to achieve the Rebirth Ending. The two items combined are able to offer the divine power, associated to Xuchilbara, of resurrecting a dead individual with the Crimson Ceremony at the Church of the Rebirth.


2 – Aglaophotis (Silent Hill & Silent Hill 3)

A red liquid used to dispel demonic forces, it also offers protection from demonic presences. It makes appearances in first and third titles in which it may be deployed to heavily affect the game outcomes. In Silent Hill 4, removed content talks about a bottle similar to the White Chrism, but it is instead is a redish liquid used to exorcise the apartment. It is extremely effective at cleansing supernatural corruption as a mystical substance.

1 – Flauros (Silent Hill & Silent Hill Origins)

A device used to contain demonic power which is also said to amplify it as seen with Alessa. The Flauros is found in the Balkan church in the first game and pieces can be found throughout the game in Origins. The device was said to come from a distant period of time in Asia, but it is unknown how it appeared in Silent Hill as it had disappeared for several hundred years. It is a powerful tool for exorcism and trapping supernatural entities.