Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Release [News]

Screaming Villains have announced a rerelease of ‘Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition’ on the PS4/One, which was an interactive horror movie experience on the Sega CD in 1992, as a return for a classic, popular style: interactive movies as games, popularized with Phantasmagoria in the horror genre. Interestingly, it suffered controversy upon release for being assigned an ‘ESRB’ rating – mature audiences only – in the United States and was among many emerging examples that games could test boundaries as a medium – they were not exclusively for children, very much a sign they could become mainstream as today.

A summary of the plot, which is possible to reference from articles on the classic version, is as followed, quoted directly from the developers:

“Night Trap tells the story of five teenage girls spending the weekend at the Martin home. As a member of the Special Control Attack Team, your job is to monitor the home and protect the girls using an intricate system of cameras and traps as it is being invaded by vampires.”