Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game [News]

Focus Home Interactive has given us dark, immersive titles over the years such as Styx, Space Hulk: Death Wing and later this year, Vampyr. At some point, they will be looking at the publishing of Cyanide Studio’s horror endeavor of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic and most famous work, Call of Cthulhu.

Lovecraft’s work has seen a huge resurgence in recent years and his status as a master of the strange and horrifying easily solidified alongside Poe and other greats. From ancient evils and cosmic beings unmatched and beyond human thought, his tales bring a sense of wonder and despair at how small we truly are in the grand scale of the infinite, black cosmos surrounding our planet.

Though a relatively short story in itself, Lovecraft’s works have inspired not-so-great movie adaptions, mythos-related novels, fanart, board games, comics, fanfiction and indie titles. It is impossible to miss, and even harder to ignore, his influence on the horror and sci-fi genres, whether The Void recently or Evil Dead in history. FromSoftware’s acclaimed Bloodborne, famous for Dark Souls, would never have been possible without it. Lovecraft sought to excite the imagination beyond our own rationale and intelligence to beings indescribable in form and purpose. Cyanide Studio is purposing to capture this, however, as a bold endeavour.

For the fans of Cthulhu mythos, as well as PC gamers in general, there was an earlier attempt at this same title, dubbed Dark Corners of the Earth, by Ubisoft for PC and Xbox. It will be seen how close to the Sherlock Holmes series the gameplay follows when defined by Cyanide Studio as “RPG-Investigation game blending psychological horror and stealth mechanics in a deeply immersive world with an oppressive atmosphere.”

The story follows the death of a well-known artist and his family on a remote island in Boston. Our protagonist, Edward Pierce, vies to uncover the truth behind the incident and mystery being unraveled in what a trailer, released early this year, showed to be very dark, gritty – unafraid of blood and gore. At what point this year the game is said to be announced goes unsaid, but the fantastical terrors will be made available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter on the official site for upcoming details.