Outlast II [News]

With Red Barrel’s Outlast II releasing just next week, the next installment into the successful first-person horror still looks more than promising. After being delayed from the end of last year, the new date didn’t come without something additional. Not only will Outlast II be releasing, but a physical collection of Outlast, Whistleblower and newest title in Trinity bundle for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If that isn’t enough, you can order a pair of specially made underwear provided by Red Barrel for when your bowels just won’t hold up against the scares.

Outlast was successful for its haunting, heavy atmosphere in the setting of a mental facility with much more to hide. Now, nothing was new about this plot, but it was how it did so that set it apart. We have the developer being able to immerse us into the plot, world and dependency on an also battery dependent camera (for very dark places) for this. For a more rural touch, Outlast II takes us into the remote environs of Arizona with Black and Lynn Langermann, reporters delving into the case of a pregnant woman in a bizarre murder conspiracy.

The demo gave a first look at the intense new scares, creatures and open spaces to flee shrieking like a small child. This is a new aspect of the series, although expect to be in closed confines with something stalking all the way. PC requirements will allow the title to run on budget systems, so there is no limitation to the experience.

Those that have looked to hope for the series maintaining its horror momentum will be picking this up speedily April 25th for US customers, 28th in the UK; even Australia will be given a release!