Code Vein [News]

For fans of the God Eater series, you’re in luck. The same developing team are working on a new project in the same vein, Code Vein. An action RPG to be released 2018, Code Vein was first teased with an animated trailer and now images a week later are up and it indeed looks beautiful.

With the same concept of its predecessor, the story takes place in a broken word on the edge of extinction of its people to the Thorns of Judgment after a catastrophe struck the world. Only the Revenant remain in their society called Vein, opposing the ghoulish and monstrous nightmares with Gifts that combat the hordes. With this power however comes the consequence of becoming a Lost, a creature given wholly over to the dark power granted them.

This vampiric RPG has an element of strategy to it to keep the battles varied and bathed red. “Players can change their form to increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities with overpowered attacks.” Using Gifts with your equipped arsenal likely has an element of customization as God Eater did, so possibilities in which to approach combat are broad.

The beautiful graphics and anime aesthetic will attract those familiar and those new that enjoy a darker story and bloody gameplay, so this early peek is something to keep an eye out for as developments come over the year.