Scream Franchise [Article]



Time for a flashback from the past. Time for the face of fear brought to life. During the time of writing the screenplay of our great Kevin Williamson. He has a lot of stress during this project. He was behind on bills and trying to get his name out there in Hollywood. He worked hard overnights after rewrite and after rewrite. During the breakdowns of development. The original title of the script was originally to be, Scary Movie. The film had so many choices during pre-production. The main school thought it was a comedy in the beginning of production.  Santa Rosa High School in Santa Rosa, California. During the time of the school board banned the production weeks before the shoot began over concerns of the violence. From the famous film, The Exorcist. Linda Blair had a cameo as one of the news reporters outside of the school. She confronted Dewey and Sidney while they were in the police car. In the beginning, Drew Barrymore was set to be the star of the film. During the time of production. Barrymore was very popular around that time. Five weeks before production. Drew asked to play Casey Becker and that is when Neve Campbell was called to replace her.

Roger Jackson as we all fans know he is the voice of the Ghostface killer. During the shoot of Scream. The actors never met Jackson but only heard his voice over the phone to give the actors more genuine for the performance. For the best of all, Wes Craven played a cameo of the janitor who was dressed a little like Freddy Krueger. The costume in Halloween stores is actually not the one used in the films and there are people online that make replicas of the costume. The main knife used in the film was known as the Buck 120 General as well.



Courtney Cox and David Arquette met 1996 on the film scream at the time.  They got married on June 12, 1999, til May 28, 2013.  They were married for thirteen years.



Now, the Scream films have adapted for a long time. In the beginning, we thought that Billy Loomis and Stu were, in fact, the killers of Maureen Prescott. That was a cover-up for the real reason. Roman Bridger, step brother of Sidney Prescott. He was declined a childhood with Maureen. Which made Roman extremely upset. He recorded Maureen’s affairs with Cotton Weary and Billy’s father. He planned the entire murder spree from the start.  The sequels of Scream 2 and Scream 4 were not a true way of continuing the franchise. Micky and Billy’s mother in Scream 2 was a revenge for Sidney killing Billy. Also, Micky wanted to get caught and tried to blame the movies. In scream 4, Jill Roberts, Sidney’s cousin, she wanted revenge against Sidney for being the most wanted and cared for in the family tree. She was very jealous of the fame and attention that Sidney received from all the pain she gained through her years of being a survivor. Charlie was a pawn the entire time. Jill wanted everything to herself.



So many fans in the world and very famous in Brazil. There have been many films based on and inspired by the franchise on YouTube. This concludes with Scream Generations.


In 2016, another fan film was in development that currently seeks funding. The film was a basis of a sequel to Scream 4. To continue in a great way to make without the main cast. The writer Michael Steven kakoczki, who wrote the screenplay has had numerous reviews of the script and referenced to be better than Scream 3. At the moment the team is making footage for another Kickstarter. They failed on the first and received around $600. They were requesting $10,000 for make a feature length film.

After the event of Jill’s killing spree. The murders are not over. They start with a blood bath, Lori must uncover the masked killer before the Prescott family tree will be finished.

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Ghostface doesn’t just end a person’s life, it inspires them to become more deadly!