‘The Confession of Fred Krueger’ [Review]

It is 1973 and the Springwood Police Dept. have just arrested a man they believe to be the notorious child murderer known as the Springwood Slasher.

Before reading! Spoilers are on the article!

During the passing of our great director, Wes Craven. The world of Craven still exists through all of us. We bring you our view for, The Confession of Fred Krueger fan film that was released back in 2015 of September. The film is basis before the court hearing of Freddy Krueger. The origin story of our nightmares will come to life. The actor portraying Freddy Krueger, Kevin Roach, he did a great overall job playing one of the most infamous legends on screen. The personality of Fred and his laugh did an awesome job for the love of the character. To start off, the writer did some amazing dialog for the screenplay. Nathan Thomas Milliner, he did a great job writing the back story for Krueger. The dialog really brought our attention and the possible views where we all would want to see more of his work. To conclude, the film was great. The film also had it’s up and downs. The actor, Todd Reynolds, who played detective Jim Doyle. He had his ups and down during the film. Some scenes with his character could’ve been left out. We feel that it was little weak. The scene where it shows the detective as if he was beating Freddy Krueger with his bare hands with his knuckles being bruised. That was very interesting but when Krueger began his scene. He was dirty but had no injuries from the beating of the detective. Fred had dirt smudges all over his face, probably from the boiler room. This film is what you would want to watch. The film got the ratings it deserved and one of the best horror fan films up to this date. It is free and available right here!